Accounts Receivable Factoring Allows You to Take Advantage of Your Biggest Asset (Part 2)

Another term for Accounts Receivable Factoring is Invoice Factoring, the terms are essentially interchangeable.

When you evaluate the statistics of the number of days your invoices are waiting to be paid and how many are over due. This is simply data about the likelihood of collections. It has nothing to do with sales and how to increase sales.

Do you consider a large Accounts Receivable as a bad thing? Most people do. To determine if this is a bad thing, or good, it will depend on how the Accounts Receivable is made up. Here is an example.

What I am referring to is, if you have a huge inventory finishing out a season, you will need to sit on the goods for several months while you wait for the season to come back. If you had the opportunity to sell off the goods right away, but wait 90 days to get paid, what would you do?

If it is a new customer and you have never dealt with them before, you will review their credit. You come to the expectation that it will take a few months to collect your invoice. Will you accept the order from the client?

Certainly not if we think in terms of the traditional role of the area of credit and collection and containment of risk.

Of course yes, if we consider the area of credit as a generator of value. Even better, use Invoice Factoring to collect on the payment with 48 hours of delivery of the goods and clear out the warehouse. Yes it will cost a bit in terms of a fee for Invoice Factoring, but now you will not have to pay for warehouse space.

This is a very simple example of how Invoice Factoring can help your company. Invoice Factoring will play a major role in the coming years of Commercial Finance and Commercial Credit as it is quickly becoming the preferred method for Working Capital finance.

Think, is 3 times cheaper to retain and maintain a client to get a new one and if Invoice Factoring will help you keep the business you have now, grow new business and reduce the stress of juggling your Cash Flow, you definitely need to speak with a Commercial Finance Broker.

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Where I Lost My Way

When you are riding the wave of your martial arts career, know who you are, and why you are doing this. When I became a billing client of EFC, I attended one of their seminars in Atlanta. I was doing pretty good, but nothing like some of the EFC stars of the day. Still, it seemed the guys in Atlanta knew my name as a fighter, which was nice. As usual at these events, we shared information about student counts and, when I mentioned I had 245 students, they seemed impressed. They were even more impressed that my student body was mostly adults.

I didn’t know there had been a huge boom in the children’s market at the time due to The Karate Kid. The guys in Atlanta implied that I was missing half the market because I didn’t have a lot of child students. I listened, thought about it, and then made one of my worse decisions as a school owner. I started doing the things they did to attract and keep kids. I started the student creed, message of the week, and had kids screaming, “Yes, Sir!” on cue. In time, my school had totally changed from an adult school to a school full of kids or, as some like to call them, “a family school.” Mind you, this was more the influence of EFC clients than EFC itself.

My income increased. I paid off my house and socked the money away, but I hated it. I didn’t want to be at the school anymore. It was no fun explaining to a mom why her Miss Perfect daughter who gets straight As in school failed her blue belt exam. I had strayed big time from who I was as a martial artist and as a teacher.

Quality of life is a big issue with me and, for the first time in my martial arts career I had a job I didn’t like. Most of the kids were fine, and many were great. But some kids just drove me nuts mostly because of the control factor. Controlling kids and their parents is not a fun way for a control freak to spend time. A lot of instructors like to teach kids, but I don’t.

I had lost my way because I subscribed to someone else’s voice. But I learned something important. Since then, I’ve tried to make it clear that you need to know yourself and what you want to do. This is especially true today, when so many programs are available.

Widely recognized as the man who revolutionized the martial arts industry, John Graden launched organizations such as NAPMA (National Association of Professional Martial Artists), ACMA (American Council on Martial Arts), and MATA (Martial Arts Teachers Association). Graden also introduced the first trade magazine for the martial arts business, Martial Arts Professional.
John Graden’s latest book, The Truth about the Martial Arts Business looks into key strategies involved in launching a martial arts business and includes Graden’s own experience as a student, a leader and a business owner.
From keynote presentations for thousands to one-on-one coaching sessions, John Graden is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and media personality who brings passion and entertainment to his presentations.



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