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Why shouldn’t I consolidate my debt?

Why shouldn't I consolidate my debt?

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How to Get Out of the Dog House After Canceling the First Date

To begin – you should, under no circumstance – cancel your first date with a woman! The only exception to this rule would be that you are absolutely certain that you never want to see or date her again. The amount of primping and planning that most women put into their first real date with a new guy is mind blowing, and the truth is – we often begin this planning days in advance. So needless to say, canceling a first date is akin to breaking one of the Ten Commandments and should be avoided at all costs. However I recognize that life happens and there will undoubtedly be valid situations that arise that may cause you to break this rule.

If you find yourself in this predicament – one where you absolutely want to see the woman again, but are unable to keep your first date – I have a few tips that may help you along!

1. Don’t Delay: If you find out on Wednesday that you won’t be able to make your Friday evening date, please don’t wait until Friday afternoon to tell her. It’s understandable that you may be trying to shift things around so that you can still take her out, but the worst thing you can do in this situation is wait until the very last moment to cancel. It is inconsiderate, annoying and will almost guarantee that she’ll never take you seriously.

2. Be Honest: As much as you may hate cliches – honesty is truly the best policy here. Now the thing to note here is that your date may take your explanation as nothing more than a made up excuse. Expect the tone of her voice to change, she may not be as quick to return your call or answer your text message – but in the long run, she will respect your honesty.

3.Reschedule Post-Haste!: The second worst thing you can do after canceling a first date is to delay rescheduling it. When you call your date to cancel, it is imperative that you immediately present her with an alternate time. When you tell us that you will “call later to reschedule” we translate that to mean “don’t call me, I’ll call you”. It signals a lack of interest and insincerity. Once again, if you are truly interested in seeing her again, reschedule immediately!

4.Take extra care: In the days leading up to and on your rescheduled first date, show extra care and attention. Understand that we may be a little skeptical of you, but this can be rectified by a light show of remorse. Now this does not give us reason to treat you badly, but knowing that you realize the error of your ways eases the tension and skepticism on our end.

5. Don’t forget the follow-up!: A first date follow-up call is always important, but perhaps even more so when in this scenario. If you enjoyed your outing and would like another, call your date within twenty-four hours to let her know! You may also consider one final apology for canceling the initial date for good measure!

Now some may see these tips as groveling for forgiveness, but I assure you – most men aren’t skilled at recovering from a first date cancellation mishap, so following this simple guideline will set you apart from the rest of the pack!

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