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How To Obtain The Best Receivable Financing In Canada And Why Factoring Receivables Works Best When

Your mission, should you choose to accept it? It’s finding a financing receivable strategy that works, is cost efficient, and allows you to mind your own business when it comes to this popular method of Canadian business financing!

Factoring receivables gains daily momentum in Canada – If you feel either confused, mis informed, or just generally out of sync with how this type of financing works and what it costs lets get you up to speed.

It’s actually not as complicated as you thing – on a daily, week, or monthly basis, (it’s your call) you provide your invoices and proof of delivery and shipment . And then here’s the good news, you receive cash, the same day, for those funds. Actually, to clarify, the amount of the advance on your invoices is actually 90% – you receive the rest of the funds, i.e. the ten per cent, when your customer pays – less the financing charge.

And we know from experience that clients want to always know and talk about that financing charge, so let’s clarify that point right away. First of all did you know that some of the largest corporations in Canada utilize this method of financing receivable portfolios? Their cost is often either the same as traditional bank financing, and in some cases less.

However the majority of business in Canada that seek out factoring receivables actually pay anywhere from 1 – 2.5% per month for the cost of factoring. But let’s be clear here, receiving those funds when you invoice allows you to maintain a totally positive cash flow, and at the same time continue to grow sales and profits. We also point out to clients that they are now in the enviable position of taking 2% discounts on all their qualified purchases with their suppliers, and, if they are really smart, can negotiate better terms and pricing from their suppliers on product.

We referenced the term C I D when it came to our favorite, and recommended financing receivable solution. So what exactly is C I D? It’s a unique form of factoring, that by the way, costs the same as other types of factoring receivables financing. However, unlike traditional A/R financing it allows you to bill and collect your own receivables on a confidential basis. Your suppliers, clients, etc are simply not aware of how you are financing your company, and we think that’s important. C I D is the acronym we provide for Confidential Invoice Discounting. So again, to clarify, you are financing your business on a confidential basis – your competitors who use this type of financing are not. That’s your key advantage, and we think it’s significant.

Selecting a receivables financing partner can be a challenge – simply because there’s hundreds of small and larger firms out there with difference criteria. You have to be able to distinguish between recourse and non recourse factoring, and if the firm even offers (or has heard about!) C I D financing. Other factors (pardon the pun) to consider are the size of your portfolio, misc fees that add up quite frankly, and must be understood or negotiated. And pricing is reflected to a certain degree by the size of your monthly receivable financing. A/R portfolios of 250k per month generally receive better pricing and structures.

Interested? Confused? Hopefully not the latter, but if you are seek out a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who will steer you through the financing receivable maze – we’re sure you’ll come out the other side well informed and with a factor facility that works best.

Stan Prokop is founder 7 Park Avenue Financial ; Originating financing for Canadian companies,specializing: working capital, cash flow, and asset based financing , the 6 year old firm has completed in excess of 45 Million $ of financing for companies . For info / free consultation on Canadian business financing / contact details see:

Using IRS Penalty Abatement to Get Rid of IRS Penalties and RemoveTax Debt


When ever you owe the Internal Revenue Service, it is a challenge to find ways to reduce Tax Debt. The best way, for most, to drastically Cut Tax Debt is always to pay off a portion of the amount owed or possibly even try for an Offer in Compromise to reduce the tax debt. This whole time, penalty fees and interest can quickly accrue and ruin your financial situation. The good thing is, it is easy toEliminate Tax Debt a bit when you Remove IRS Penalties with an Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement. Though you are able to work with an IRS Penalty Abatement to remove IRS Penalties, not everyone will qualify to Reduce Tax Debt. There are certain rules and conditions that must definitely be complied with to receive an Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement if you will be trying to Lower Tax Debt with an IRS Penalty Abatement. This guidelines will take you step-by-step through the Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement practice to help you Eliminate Internal Revenue Service Penalties and Lower Tax Debt.




Strategies for using an IRS Penalty Abatement to Remove IRS Fees and penalties

Remember the fact that an IRS Penalty Abatement isn’t going to significantly Minimize Tax Debt. Many individuals incorrectly believe that the Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement definitely will Get rid of IRS Penalties and then Lessen Tax Debt by 50%-90%. This isn’t true. An Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement is only going to Get rid of IRS Penalties because of your Tax”>”>Tax Debt. Based on how much you owe the Internal Revenue Service, that is often several hundred dollars. Interest, nonetheless, will probably remain on your IRS Tax debt, and this will carry on and increase until such time as your Tax Debt is totally fulfilled. It is really difficult, if not out of the question, to remove Internal Revenue Service Interest. Internal Revenue Service interest can often only be eliminated if the interest as a result of Internal Revenue Service faults or setbacks, or if there seemed to be an not reasonable oversight or postponement in performing a managerial act. What exactly an “unreasonable” period of time could be isn’t specified by the IRS. But keep reading to understand if you happen to qualify to make use of an Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement to remove Internal Revenue Service Penalties.




Are You Qualified to get an IRS Penalty Abatement to Eliminate IRS Penalties?

It can be hard to rationalize your qualifications to Get Rid of Internal Revenue Service Penalties with IRS Penalty Abatement. The IRS realizes many people simply would like a great way to Decrease Tax Debt. For this reason anyone who requests an Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement must have “reasonable cause” to ReduceTax Debt and Delete IRS Penalties.




Reasonable Cause for an Internal Revenue Service Penalty Abatement to Remove Internal Revenue Service Penalties and Delete Tax Debt

The IRS expects you to display a Reasonable Cause to Get Rid of IRS Penalties. They want to prevent people from taking advantage of IRS Penalty Abatement to Get Rid of Tax Debt. IRS Penalties do serve a purpose. It wouldn’t be fair for those who go without paying their taxes on time to not face a consequence while everyone else makes the effort to pay their taxes by the due date. Below are several situations that qualify as Reasonable Cause to Get Rid of IRS Penalties and Remove Tax Debt with IRS Penalty Abatement.






An extended hospital stay that prevents you from filing your taxes is yet another instance of what could qualify as reasonable cause for IRS Penalty Abatement/li>



In some situations, the Internal Revenue Service might consider IRS Penalty Abatement if you suddenly find yourself the full-time caretaker of a sick family member. Only extreme circumstances are considered, and you must prove why you were not able to file on time



A Natural Disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or a flash flood provides a reasonable Cause for IRS Penalty Abatement. The Internal Revenue Service realizes that natural disasters can destroy your financial plans, and that you might have lost your tax records as well as your home or property





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