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Flexible Shelving Options For Warehouse Storage

How versatile can you make your warehouse? What are the limits of reconfigurable interior storage fixtures? Can the entire warehouse be outfitted with moveable, changeable fixtures? Or must a certain proportion of the fixtures be permanent? How can you “furnish” your warehouse? There are many options for a flexible warehouse configuration. Three popular ones are mezzanines, pallet racking, and cantilevered shelving. These three warehouse fixture solutions serve very different functions to allow you to store a variety of types of goods.

Mezzanines are considered to be a good solution for dividing warehouse space in a vertical direction. Think of a warehouse with a high ceiling. How can you make use of this space? The obvious answer is to install a bank of very tall shelves. In many instances, this solution would be the best one. However, there may exist a better solution: the mezzanine. What is a mezzanine? A mezzanine is a sort of a half-story in a building. It’s an intermediate story that doesn’t cover the full square footage of the building. In a warehouse, a mezzanine can be installed by a shelving company as the equivalent of an internally added second story. These mezzanines represent the further evolution of metal warehouse shelving. They are normally manufactured of heavy duty steel to meet indoor building code requirements. This additional space can be used for a variety of purposes, including additional storage area, office space that frees up floor space for storage, or even light manufacturing. Installing a mezzanine can save your company a lot of money, compared to traditionally constructed additions.

Another space solution that can save you money and provide flexibility of space use in your warehouse is pallet racking. This flexibility will be invaluable to you as you manage your warehouse and inventory. The benefits of this type of shelving are obvious. First, you can work it into your existing storage configuration, and it can grow with you as your storage needs increase. This benefit is possible because pallet racking is easy to assemble and disassemble as you need to add new storage space and later reconfigure it when needs and conditions change. Safety locks for the step beams ensure a solid and safe assembly. For further adaptability, a full range of accessories are available to further configure the shelving to your specific needs.

A third shelving solution is cantilevered shelving. This type of shelving attaches directly to walls or free-standing supports. The cantilevered shelf supports hook securely into the notched supports on the wall. The first advantage of this type of shelving is that it can extend for long distances without intervening supports at the front of the shelves, allowing you to store items with long lengths. The second advantage is the same one we’ve seen for the mezzanine and the pallet shelving, which is flexibility. Since the horizontal cantilevers slip easily into the notches in the vertical supports, the shelving configuration can be changed quickly and easily as storage needs change.

As you can see, the great flexibility available today in warehouse shelving options makes your warehouse configuration easily changed and more efficient as your needs change and grow.

Connor Sullivan recently purchased mezzanines to use for extra storage space in his office building. He also purchased some pallet racking for his warehouse.

What is a Carbon Footprint

The term Carbon Footprint is commonly used for the impact which the activities of the human beings have on the environment.

The Carbon Footprint basically relates to our activities and the green house gases that are released as a result of our everyday activities. These gases ultimately contribute towards increasing the greenhouse effect, and hence the climate of not only a region but the entire planet is affected and the health and survival of the planet is put at stake.

Some of the activities that have the direct and most significant effect by the release of greenhouse gases are the burning of fossil fuel for energy consumption, electricity and various electrical appliance, transport, and also heating.

The Carbon footprint basically constitutes two parts, i.e, the primary footprint and the secondary footprint. The primary footprint is the measure that is used for activities that emit direct carbon dioxide. These activities mainly include burning of fuels, or transportation etc. The fuels are burned in our daily lives for the purposes of domestic as well as commercial energy consumption.

On the other hand, the secondary footprint is the measure for an entire life cycle. This means that somewhere in the manufacture of these products, there is the emission of carbon dioxide as a result of an eventual breakdown. This means that the production of these products has a direct impact on the environment. The more we buy and consume such products, the more is the demand for their production, and ultimately there are more harmful emissions in the environment.

There are many online carbon footprint calculators available. Carbon footprint calculator is basically a tool which gives you a clear idea about the effect you are making on the environment with your lifestyle. This is possible to calculate because each activity has certain significance in terms of the carbon footprint, and weights are assigned to your activities and in the end you are able to know the effect that is generated in the environment on behalf of your lifestyle.

As the inhabitants of this planet, it is important for all of us to remember the concept of the Carbon footprint and take necessary steps to reduce the negative impact of our activities on the planet. There are many different steps that can be taken and efforts that can be made on the individual level to bring about a positive effect on the future of our planet.

Electrical appliances like computer, TV, DVD player, etc should be turned off when they are not being used. The water heating as well as the central heating should be turned down whenever you think that you don’t require it. If possible, you should avoid using the clothes dryer. These are some of the many steps that you can take to improve the Carbon Footprint.

To learn about Carbon Footprint methods and solutions for reducing your energy bill, visit online

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