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When you are riding the wave of your martial arts career, know who you are, and why you are doing this. When I became a billing client of EFC, I attended one of their seminars in Atlanta. I was doing pretty good, but nothing like some of the EFC stars of the day. Still, it seemed the guys in Atlanta knew my name as a fighter, which was nice. As usual at these events, we shared information about student counts and, when I mentioned I had 245 students, they seemed impressed. They were even more impressed that my student body was mostly adults.

I didn’t know there had been a huge boom in the children’s market at the time due to The Karate Kid. The guys in Atlanta implied that I was missing half the market because I didn’t have a lot of child students. I listened, thought about it, and then made one of my worse decisions as a school owner. I started doing the things they did to attract and keep kids. I started the student creed, message of the week, and had kids screaming, “Yes, Sir!” on cue. In time, my school had totally changed from an adult school to a school full of kids or, as some like to call them, “a family school.” Mind you, this was more the influence of EFC clients than EFC itself.

My income increased. I paid off my house and socked the money away, but I hated it. I didn’t want to be at the school anymore. It was no fun explaining to a mom why her Miss Perfect daughter who gets straight As in school failed her blue belt exam. I had strayed big time from who I was as a martial artist and as a teacher.

Quality of life is a big issue with me and, for the first time in my martial arts career I had a job I didn’t like. Most of the kids were fine, and many were great. But some kids just drove me nuts mostly because of the control factor. Controlling kids and their parents is not a fun way for a control freak to spend time. A lot of instructors like to teach kids, but I don’t.

I had lost my way because I subscribed to someone else’s voice. But I learned something important. Since then, I’ve tried to make it clear that you need to know yourself and what you want to do. This is especially true today, when so many programs are available.

Widely recognized as the man who revolutionized the martial arts industry, John Graden launched organizations such as NAPMA (National Association of Professional Martial Artists), ACMA (American Council on Martial Arts), and MATA (Martial Arts Teachers Association). Graden also introduced the first trade magazine for the martial arts business, Martial Arts Professional.
John Graden’s latest book, The Truth about the Martial Arts Business looks into key strategies involved in launching a martial arts business and includes Graden’s own experience as a student, a leader and a business owner.
From keynote presentations for thousands to one-on-one coaching sessions, John Graden is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and media personality who brings passion and entertainment to his presentations.

How to Consolidate Outlook Email in Archive PST Files?

A prolonged user of Outlook generally faces problem in management of database as with passage of time, number of PST files get increase in number. In Outlook, there is a remarkable feature which is called archiving. An archive PST file contains important emails, body text, attachments etc and prevents permanent deletion of less usable data and also prevents online data storage process go beyond a limit. As extension in PST file size causes problems in searching a locating a specific data, users prefer to store emails in archive folder. But as size of PST archive file grows up, users create another archive file to store more data in it in order to create space in inbox. In such activities, they do not realize that this practice will make their data unmanageable, thus leaving them in trouble. In such situation that query that strikes your mind is how to consolidate Outlook emails stored in archive files when you need to combine data stored in both the archive PST files as you need to share the information with another user.

Consider a Scenario: Suppose you created an archive PST file to store emails of client A and created another archive.pst file to store emails of client B.  You received an order from the administrator to provide the emails of both the clients as soon as possible, In such situation, sending each email one by one would not be possible and thus you need to consolidate both the archive files and send the emails all together. An instant solution that provides you instant help in knowing how to consolidate Outlook emails is third party software.

Many users are unaware about the fact that archiving PST files can only create some space for other data to mount up, but in any case, it will not help in better data manageability. To organize data in a well mannered way, it is necessary that you consolidate PST files according to the data it contains. For this process, if you want to go for a trouble free, risk free and simplest method, then it is advisable to go with an extraneous solution and avoid manual method of consolidation.

Tool for Best Outlook PST Consolidation Process: If your demand is a perfect tool that offers risk free and confusion free mode to let you know how to consolidate Outlook email, then you can choose PST Merge software confidently.


The Company is a leading developer of trouble-free solutions in the domains like PST management, data recovery, backup recovery, MS Office file repair etc. How to consolidate Outlook email is a query that is solved by the company with the help of PST Merge software.

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Consolidate Expenditure With LED Assembly From Aisling Industries

Energy-saving LED assembly technology is now utilized across many different manufacturing fields, as companies look to products that can help both consumers and business consolidate their energy costs. In order to source the very best LED assembly specialists in the industry, companies must look to companies that have shown a steadfast commitment to quality assurance and streamlined internal processing. These are two facets of business that electronics manufacturer Aisling Industries places high on their company agenda.

Created in 1982 by Michael Logue, Aisling Industry has since gone on to become of the leading names within the electronics manufacturing field thanks to their in-house ability to continually upgrade the quality of their products and, in-turn, the quality of service that they provide to their cliental. Starting with just one customer within the defense industry, Aisling Industries has become one of the contemporary manufacturing leaders for organizations from a vast array of industries. The company not only offers specific assembly services for those with low or high volume production requirements but also turnkey solutions. The company’s turnkey solutions offer a distinct advantage to their customers, in that companies can utilize Aisling Industries’ strategic purchasing suite for their high volume orders. By sourcing products through their partner group in China, Aisling Industries is able to meet their customers’ requirements directly when it comes to consolidating their cost of production.

This type of solution is ideal for organizations that require their own manufacturing and assembly facility operation within Mexico without the inconvenience of having to wait for several months, even up to a year while acquiring premises, hiring personnel and ensuring that all industry licensing obligations are met. By utilizing the company’s “Shelter Operation” services, cliental can remain in complete control of their manufacturing processes while allowing the specialists at Aisling Industries to handle their day-day manufacturing operations. Clients can even hire their own on-site production manager to oversee operations at the Aisling Industries facility and the workforce. Should companies wish to delegate this job to Aisling Industries, the company will be delighted to locate the ideal candidate for the job at hand, and someone who has years of experience in running a team of manufacturing factory employees. The only cost to the client is the pre-established fee per worker for the staff at the assembly facility. All other business processes are taken care of by Aisling Industries, with full adherence to national and international regulations.

When clients work directly with Aisling Industries for their LED assembly, their products will be manufactured, duty-free, through the company’s Maquiladora in Mexico. Within this outsourcing facility, Aisling Industries employs only the highest quality workforce. Each employee has been trained under the most stringent of quality assurance protocols in order to ensure that company cliental achieve the highest quality of product available market-wide.

If you’re looking for a mechanism by which to outsource your organization’s product assembly, trust the specialists at Aisling Industries – your one-stop for manufacturing excellence.

About Aisling Industries:

Since 1982, Aisling Industries has been one of North America’s most trusted suppliers of printed circuit board assemblies, harnesses, transformers and finished products. They excel at helping organizations to consolidate their production costs through high-value outsourcing solutions. For more information about Aisling Industries, please go to Aislingindustries.

Aisling Industries is a high tech electronic manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies, LED, harnesses, transformers and finished products. Aisling services customers in the Industrial, Medical, Military, Consumer and Automotive fields. For more information, please visit

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