Consolidating Debts

Getting Out of Debt With Government Grants!

This was news to me:

Thousands of government grants are available, just waiting to be claimed. Grants are funds that are given to those individuals that qualify, and Do Not need to be paid back!

You may ask, “How do I qualify?” If you are a U.S. citizen and a taxpayer, then you are already qualified! “Why haven’t I heard of this before?” “I thought only those applying for higher education could receive grants?” “I’ve been turned down before because I make too much money?”

These are all great questions: This Is How It Works!

Most private organizations are founded by large companies so they can take advantage of tax exempt benefits. In order for these companies to keep their tax exempt status, federal law requires these companies to allocate a percentage of their yearly revenues in the form of grants. Every year these foundations give out millions of dollars in grants to individuals and businesses just like yourself!

Federal grant programs give away billions of dollars to individuals like yourself every year. Funded by our tax dollars, these programs are set up so that anybody can claim the money they need right now! This means no hassle of trying to get approved for a loan or having to pay any money back!

Every year, millions of dollars go unclaimed because people do not realize that grant money is available to them.

Millions of people know that grant money is out there, but they do not know Where or How to claim it! This article is simply to inform the public that this money exists and that there is a way to claim it. I was skeptical myself, but like anything in life worth-while, sometimes you have to try it yourself to understand.

There is no risk involved as far as I’m concerned. The information you receive will cost you $ 39.95, but there is a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

I suggest that you check out the site for yourself:
You may want to copy and paste the entire link into your browser.

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Hybrid It – Optimizing The Cloud, Consolidating On-premise

Hybrid IT environments, will sometimes reach on-site, off-site, physical and virtual settings, including cloud computing, can increase a business’s productivity and efficiency to the market. Though, if not closely managed, hybrid environments can increase complexity, costs and risks, and create backups in information technology. There are some automation programs which enables clients to address these challenges and better realize the benefits of hybrid delivery platforms.
Cloud computing describes a new enhancement, expenditure, and delivery model for IT services based on the Internet, and it usually involves over-the-Internet condition of specific, scalable and often vitalized components. It is a side-effect and outcome of the accessibility to off-site or remote computing sites provided by the Internet. This commonly takes the form of Internet-based applications or tools that users can access and use through a web browser as if it was a program installed locally on their personal computer.

Structuring on its recent cloud announcements for hybrid IT environments, certain companies have structured a all-in-one solution to give clients unified and fully integrated control of their server, network, storage and applications. With this unified platform, ClearCenter reduces cost, complexity and the risk in information technology, in addition to simplifying application deployment and management in hybrid IT environments.

There are good and bad sides to the cloud, but the key to success is setting goals and focusing your energy on those goals. The right requirements, the right services, and a service-based orientation are important in maintaining a working cloud environment. A cloud strategy doesn’t have to be perfect to offer value, for example. A cloud provider might closely monitor the access to companies within a particular field of business, forming a business community cloud. Or an enterprise might use a public cloud but create a rule that the company’s resources are shared only among applications in the company – a new name has been created for this, known as the virtual private cloud.

The cloud approach comes down to how you assess which applications go into the public cloud, and which stay internal. Now may be a good time to align data center management with a service delivery network. What this boils down to is you need to experiment; that management is decisive to gaining promoters and investors. By focusing on what services you offer will determine how well you take advantage of the cloud.

Nate Bonner has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years and has been a trustedhybrid service provider.

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China BAK Battery, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBAK) Consolidating In Electric Car Market

China BAK Battery, Inc.. is a manufacturer of rechargeable lithium-based battery cells. The company produces battery cells that are the principal component of rechargeable batteries used to power a large variety of electronic devices such as cellular phones, notebook computers, and portable consumer electronics such as digital cameras, portable media players, portable gaming devices and personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other applications, such as cordless power tools, mining lamps, light electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Needless to say, China BAK has been busy. The company, which conducts all its operations in China, has a product line consisting of cylindrical lithium-ion cells, high-power lithium-phosphate cells, and lithium polymer cells. Today, China BAK announced that its Tianjin facility was awarded a new contract to supply lithium-ion high-power batteries to leading e-bike manufacturer, Geoby Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (“Geoby Electric”) in China. China Bak will be supplying 1,000 units of lithium-ion high-power batteries to Geoby for the manufacturing of electric bicycles and the company is optimistic about receiving additional orders from Geoby Electric. The announcement comes as a continuation to recent news China Bak made available on September 10th, 2010, when a deal to supply 110 units of lithium-ion power batteries used by Chery to manufacture electric cars was sealed. The company’s effort to conquer the bulk of market share in the electric car segment is gaining momentum with Geody Electric. The stock gained nearly 9.04% on the heels of the detailed being released in the Chery deal. Crude oil prices have a projected upward trajectory; so much so, in fact, that the future for the electric cars and hence for China Bak is looking increasingly solid. The days of mega-SUV’s and gas guzzlers are over and the sheek, sexy new 50+ MPG coupes are in.

The real test for China Bak will be to provide quality products consistently and coming to market in a timely manner. The company has so many avenues for growth – will the focus of China BAK be on powering electric automobiles, or powering our kid’s Nintendo DS? The company will be able to explore further business in all nooks and crannies of the lithium battery market if China BAK can continue to deploy their strategies internationally.

For more information visit

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