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Indianapolis Colts Are Rewriting History Each Season

The Indianapolis Colts shook up the NFL establishment when they became the first pro football team to have both cheerleaders and a marching band. Even though the Colts had a solid base of fan support, there was an immediate rush by the public to grab all of the available Indianapolis Colts tickets when the announcement of team cheerleaders was made public.

Baltimore Colts: At The Beginning

In 1946, the Miami Seahawks were an All America Football Conference team that was heading into bankruptcy. This group was bought by an investor group of Baltimore businessmen led by Bob Rodenberg. Once the franchise was moved to the city of Baltimore the team was renamed the Colts, and their uniform colors were green and silver.

A merger of the AAFC and the NFL in 1950 moved the Baltimore Colts into the National Football League. In 1950, the team posted its second consecutive 1-11 record and in 1951, the team franchise was legally dissolved. This could have been the end of the story but Baltimore refused to let their team go and the fans even supported the band that played at the Colts’ games. In 1952, the Commissioner of the NFL challenged the city of Baltimore to try to sell 15,000 Baltimore Colts tickets in 6 weeks if they wanted to be re-admitted to the pro ranks.

A Challenge is Accepted

The fans willingly embraced this opportunity and the 15,000 Baltimore Colts season tickets were sold in just over four weeks. The following year the NFL moved the Dallas Texans franchise out of the Lone Star State and gave it the east coast city of Baltimore. The city elected to keep the name of their Baltimore team intact, but they did adopt the NFL Texans’ colors, which were blue and white.

The Orioles/Colts Debacle

The football team had yet one more move in their future and this was one that is still bitter and disappointing for many fans. In the 1980s, controversy arose between the Baltimore Orioles, and the Baltimore Colts concerning the stadium that was used by both teams. The problems became so severe that the Colts owner began to investigate other stadiums in different locations. Indiana was able to strike a deal with the owner and the team was moved to the Hoosier state. 1984 was the year when the new “Indianapolis Colts” played for the first time.

The Magic of Manning

Peyton Manning became the team quarterback in 1998, and the Indianapolis team has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. In 2008, the team had a 12-4 record and earned recognition for having won 7 or more consecutive games over the past 5 years. The team once more made it to the Playoffs as a Wild Card. Indianapolis Colts tickets became one of the hottest hits on the internet as desperate fans searched for any available seat that would let them watch the action in person. The Colts failed to overcome the San Diego Chargers, but the game was one that no real fan wanted to miss.

Indianapolis Colts Have their Eyes on A New Record…An Undefeated Season

The 2009 season is setting up to be just as impressive and once more Manning will be starting quarterback for the team. Already the demand for Indianapolis Colts tickets is high as people try to land the best seats in the house. Fans know that this team is strong enough to post an unbeaten season, and they want to be there to see and feel the excitement in person.

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The RCA Dome may have been flattened this fall, but the Indianapolis Colts’ dreams are not. Following a year-long battle of financial woes and uncertainty as the beast we refer to as the Lucas Oil Stadium slowly took form, casting a shadow over the rest of the ancient downtown Indianapolis area, Colts fans have been more than a little disappointed as their tax dollars at work have been drained. The worst part of all? The Colts have had a terrible start to their season, losing every game they’ve played at the new stadium until Week 6 of the regular season.


This so-called curse of the Lucas Oil Stadium added to the turmoil surrounding the new edifice, and the muffled injuries of Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison swirled the pot a little more, but it all seemed to turn around for Indianapolis and the Colts in Week 6, when the Manning-to-Harrison force was untouchable once again for the first time in almost a year. The Colts soundly thumped the Ravens 31-3 in Indianapolis’ first win at Lucas Oil, letting all that pent-up negativity go right out the retractable roof that Colts fans are loving right about now.


So just what is it about Lucas Oil that has been worth all the trouble it has ensued? Aside from the $ 700 million it took to put the monster of a football stadium in place (and the whopping spike in taxes Indy residents have endured because of it,) the stadium is expected to create jobs and revenue for Indianapolis in the long run and, aside from practicality, has anyone seen that retractable roof? The stadium’s SuperFrame Structural System retractable roof is the first of its kind, and the building’s seven levels and 63,000-person capacity have made Lucas Oil Stadium a tourist attraction in itself. Located directly off I-70, Indianapolis’ major highway leading into and through the city, visitors approaching downtown Indianapolis immediately get the picture of the stuff Indy is made of: football.


Twice the size of the Pacers’ home Conseco Fieldhouse, Lucas Oil Stadium is now getting less groans and more hurrahs now that the Colts have officially broken the curse of their new playing field. It’s no RCA Dome, where the Colts spent their first 24 seasons playing indoors, but with the return of the old Marvin Harrison and the thought of Peyton Manning getting back into the swing of things, fans with Indianapolis Colts tickets are now jazzed up and sporting those number 88 and 18 jerseys like none other, swimming in a sea full of blue and white while screaming the two words plastered onto the side of a building at the entrance into downtown Indy: Go Horse!


The turnaround point for the Colts was their Week 6 game, where Indianapolis came out beating Baltimore after getting off to a 2-2 start on the season through Week 5. Eight-time Pro Bowler and Colts’ QB Peyton Manning led the stampede over the Ravens in the matchup, completing 19 of 28 passes for 271 yards while connecting with receiver Marvin Harrison for two touchdown passes, including a 67-yard beauty that sent the word ringing through Lucas Oil Stadium that number 88 was back and ready to rumble. Manning was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in the game, and the boost of confidence the win gave both the Colts and their avid fans was both incredible and invaluable.


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Indianapolis Colts Tickets – Colts Questions

The Indianapolis Colts are one of the better teams in the NFL year in and year out and are a big draw, as Indianapolis Colts tickets are not easy to come by. The team has put together good season after good season in recent memory, going 13-3, 12-4, 14-2, 12-4 and 12-4 in past five years and winning their division each of those seasons. The club won the Super Bowl two seasons ago in the least conducive of circumstances as the team struggled late in the season before running the table in the playoffs. If the Colts thrive in difficult circumstances, then they might have a great shot at winning another championship this year.

Quarterback Peyton Manning will miss the bulk of the preseason after undergoing knee surgery this offseason to remove a bursa sac. Manning is a notoriously durable player; he’s started every game for the Colts since he’d entered the league. While he’s good at avoiding injury, there isn’t much of a record to go by in assessing his healing timetable. Team doctors say that Manning will be ready for the regular season, but knees are always a bit tricky. Manning is the unquestioned face of the franchise and sells the most Indianapolis Colts tickets of any player on the team. Without him, there is little hope of making the playoffs.

Another player in question is wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Harrison hasn’t been healthy since running back Joseph Addai landed on his leg in a game last season. It is uncertain whether Harrison will be able to perform at a high level and it’s unlikely that he’ll ever return to his superstar status. It’s crucial for the Colts that Harrison be able to at least handle a role as the number two wideout opposite Reggie Wayne. If he is unable to do so, the Colts’ depth issues at the position will become a liability.

On the other side of the ball, defensive end Dwight Freeney and safety Bob Sanders are both on the mend. They are the Colts’ two best defensive players and may be the best players in the league at their respective positions. They are vital to the success of the team’s defensive unit. Freeney is expected to return during preseason, but there is no timetable for Sanders’ return from offseason shoulder surgery.

This season will not be without its challenges for the Colts, but they’ve got the talent to go all the way in 2008. Get your Indianapolis Colts tickets at

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