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Rolling Options to a Later Date

Rolling options to a later date is something that you have probably seen if you are trading options. It allows you to get out of a position you are currently in and get into a position at a later date.

I’m sure you know that all option contracts eventually expire. At that expiration date they are either profitable or not. Well if an option you own is about to expire you have the option to exit that position and get into a position at a later date.

For example I sold a $ 5 put on a $ 6 stock and made $ .6. When the expiration date came closer the stock was at just a little above $ 6 and the put was trading at $ .10. I was able to buy the put at $ .10 and sell the next month’s put at $ .50. Why would I do this?

1. Take Profits

The put I sold for $ .60 was trading at $ .10. So I was able to take a $ .50 profit on the option I sold. The majority of the profit had already been made, so it was time to just exit the position.

2. Keep Watering the Money Tree

If something is working I want to get as much money from it as possible. So by selling the next month’s option I am able to keep it going and hopefully pull out more money.

3. Enter at a good price

I could always just wait until my option expires before I buy the next months. But there is no guarantee that the next months put will still be trading at $ .50. The stock might go up to $ 7 or $ 8, and that option might only be worth $ .05 by the time I could get into it. By getting in early I am insuring that I will get it at or around the price I want.

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Different Options for Student Accommodation

Going into student life can be an exciting time. You could be about to embark on your chosen college or university course that will lead you into a good career for the future.

But an integral part of going to college or university – particularly if you are going to be studying away from home – is to find suitable accommodation to stay in. Fortunately there are several different options available to you, but you still need to allow yourself plenty of time to find something ideal.

It helps to think about all the different options you could go for, because some might definitely be more appealing than others. For instance many universities have what are known as Halls of Residence. This means you will stay at the actual university itself, in a room that is allocated to you. They are quite often allocated on a shared basis however, so make sure you are happy with this before you go ahead. Another potential point to note is that every university will have a set of rules in place that are applied to the use of such rooms, so make sure you know what you can and cannot do.

Another option is to find a property locally that you can rent out with a number of friends. Many students would be unable to rent a property on their own because of the costs involved. But if you can split those costs two, three or even more ways (depending on the size of the property), you will find it is much easier to manage.

If you like the idea of renting but you don’t yet know enough people to go into a shared situation with as mentioned above, there is another option that might prove more worthwhile for you. This is the option of renting a private room with a family in the local area.

If you check the rental sections of your local newspapers you will probably find several such possibilities in mind. To make this work you should be happy and comfortable in getting to know other people, since you will be moving into a house owned by someone else. You should have your own room there but you will share other parts of the house with them.

As you can see there are plenty of options to consider, which is why proper preparation and thought is required to ensure you get the best and most cost effective result. For example if you are studying in Aberdeen, make sure you start looking for flats to rent in Aberdeen as quickly as possible. Don’t forget that there is likely to be a lot of competition as plenty of other students will be looking as well. A quick response is going to be the best way of ensuring you get the best accommodation for you.

The Debt Commission Recommends Double Checking The ‘public Option’ For Health Care

It should come as no surprise that the Debt Commission chairmen recommended the public option for health care insurance be double checked. While this is being done in an effort to solve the current budgetary problems, the timing may not be the best, following the midterm elections.

Former White House Chief of Staff Bowles, and former Senator Simpson put together a report that recommended Congress establish a target for the total cost of a federal health care plan after the year 2020, and that officials review the costs every two years in order to keep the spending for the plan within the confines of the gross domestic product, plus one percent.
The team recommends that if the costs exceed the target, the President should submit an alternative plan to Congress to reform the public option in order to lower total spending.

Since the point of the public option is to provide health care options for individuals who cannot afford insurance, many health care activist organizations argue that the government is not really paying for this plan. Rather, they are forcing other taxpayers to bear the brunt of the expensive plan. This makes the whole basis of the argument that having a public option will lower costs for care on the whole, downright ludicrous. In fact, such a plan may just create an abnormal demand for services, which would only edge prices higher than ever before.

Health care activist organizations further denounce the suggestion that in order to avoid higher prices, the government should place a limit on how high payments and premiums could go. This did not fare well when put into practice by individual states, and caused insurers to sell their services at a loss.

To be able to have a true reform, government needs to modify the system by determining the real reason for high costs of care. In addition to finding this reason, people should be allowed to have more freedom, not less, when obtaining care. Allowing patients to find the best care at the best price is a great way to proceed. Government should not get into the business of medicine; this will simply become another program that falls by the wayside, at a very high price.

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