Receive Your Cosmetic Results Beginning With An Initial Consultation

For many years with the use of Plastic Surgery Orange County residents and out of town patients have been able to make cosmetic enhancements and corrections that they would not be able to accomplish otherwise. Plastic Surgery provides a long-lasting, if not permanent means to cosmetic results that are unattainable through other procedures and treatments available. There are many different plastic surgery procedures available for prospective patients, however, there is always one similar goal among patients: to look and feel good about themselves. With the correct Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Orange County patients can receive their desired cosmetic results beginning with the process of an initial consultation.

Breast Augmentation procedures have been a consistently popular procedure among women. With Breast implants women have been able to not only enhance and enlarge the breast size, shape, and volume, but also receive an overall femininely-shaped figure. During the initial consultation for Breast Augmentation Orange County patients discuss with their plastic surgeon, the implant size, type, and incisions to be made during the procedure. A plastic surgeon will help in the determination of the implant size and type as they will have the best insight as to which size and type with results in the most natural-looking results possible. The implant type will depend on the patients body type and will be decided based upon which implant will flow best in unison with the body. The goal of this procedure is not only to enlarge the breasts and to enhance its volume but for patients to be more feminine in shape and contour.

There are multiple body contouring procedures designed to remove excess fat from targeted areas of the body, however, there is no body contouring procedure as common as liposuction. With Liposuction Orange County patients can remove excess fat from almost any area of the body. A Liposuction procedure is recommended for men and women who have hard to remove problem areas or localized fat deposits. These problem areas may be the result of genetics or weight loss. During the initial consultation for a liposuction procedure, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your medical history, current medical health, and the area to be treated among other things. Remember, liposuction is used to remove excess fat from a specified area, however, is not considered a form of weight loss. Liposuction is recommended to those who have tried alternatives such as diet and exercise but have problem areas that have not been susceptible to this alternative.

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