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HC Valve Network: Closely-watched industry, construction, medium, size of the four lines refinancing, has finally been set.

Reporter has learned from authoritative sources, the State Department has agreed to the four major listed banks to refinance the total size of 287 billion yuan.

Reporter also noted that, while some bank financing options might change, but the banks will not change the size of refinancing.

2870 strict measure It is reported that the financing of large commercial banks and then high-level attention by the State Council. Earlier this year, the State Council held a special supplement in 2010 large commercial banks capital conferences. Since then, the CBRC held the big banks to refinance the forum, and then after the banks financing the scale of rigorous measurement.

State Council’s requirements, according to “A shares to raise that point the credit constraint, H shares a little more resolve, innovative tools to solve that old shareholders a little more” principle, the proper solution to larger problems of refinancing, and asked four banks to “put the number of loans and reduce the cash dividend rate, to maintain state-controlled status, the capital adequacy ratio of not less than the minimum standards, to consider the capacity of capital markets,” such as five prerequisites for specific data estimates.

In four banks to report the amount of refinancing, the State Council approved ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Bank of refinancing amounted to 287 billion yuan.

The size of banks refinancing came out, respectively. Bank of Communications announced that it will in the two “A + H” allotment of shares for 42 billion yuan; Construction Bank announced the refinancing of the scale not more than 75 billion yuan; Bank of China and ICBC has not yet announced the refinancing of their size, but according to total 287 billion yuan scale projection, Bank of China and ICBC total size of the refinancing for the 170 billion yuan. According to the sources, the Bank re-financing scale of 100 billion yuan, the bank re-financing scale of 70 billion yuan.

As ICBC and Bank of China, the current program is “A + H shares of stock convertible bond placement” approach, in which Bank of China issued 40 billion yuan of convertible bonds, convertible bonds the bank issued 25 billion yuan, according projections If the Bank of China and ICBC refinancing program change, two lines from the Hong Kong market was 105 billion yuan refinancing size. Limit the scale of change

Refinancing Program before the end, some banks may refinance program has changed, but they are in the scale of the State Council approved the refinancing period.

To CCB patients, CCB refinancing programs through a number of sets of contrast and argument, the first selected program is non-public issuance of A shares finance 45 billion yuan, H share placement financing of 30 billion yuan lightning, but the election set is “A + H” two places at the same time allotment, according to every 10 existing shares allotted not more than 0.7 unit. A, H shares, respectively be placement of shares not more than 630 million shares, 157 million shares and A shares and H shares for shares of the same proportion, the maximum financing amount not more than 75 billion yuan.

CCB refinancing program changes, its size is always limited to the refinancing of 75 billion yuan. Therefore, even if the program ICBC and Bank of China has changed, the total size of the financing will not change.

Learned in the discussion of the various lines of re-financing options, maintenance of the status of state-owned controlling shareholders has been followed. Outside financing, the allotment is the only required in the financing of state-owned Shares, so the banks are for the maintenance of the status of state-owned shareholders to consider, in the possibility to reconsider the allotment of shares.

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White Oligopoly Industry Consolidation To Accelerate The Early – Hisense Air Conditioners,

Clearly, by 2004, capital assets, the white-led merger integration has been basically put in place. From now the white giant enclosure results, the future pattern of white power industry, Haier, Hisense, Midea will become a major force this round race.

A series of recent white-power industry capital operation, so that the industry got a boost. Since the end of 2008, household appliances household appliances giant, high-profile than the white around the resources between the reorganization and integration. Recently, the United States and the acquisition of small swans somewhere,

Changhong Huayi compressed into high-level presence, the invasion of the U.S. refrigerator compressor, Hisense white valued 2.54 billion yuan of assets into Kelon, hot events such as home appliances market highlights.

Clearly, by 2004, capital assets, the white-led merger integration has been basically put in place. From now the white giant enclosure results, future industry structure in white, Haier, Hisense, Midea will become a major force in this round compete.

Leading enterprises to accelerate integration The most recent period, a series of white power sector asset restructuring of listed companies, to further enhance corporate profitability, industry size and thus speed up access to capital Competition phase.

8 11 , ST Kelon announcement revealed that the company intends its major shareholder Qingdao Hisense
Air conditioning Limited non-public offering of shares of not more than 362 million A shares, to purchase its subsidiary, including refrigerators, air conditioning, mold and other white goods assets. Hisense Kelon planned on August 24 held a provisional shareholders meeting to discuss restructuring issues. Completion of the restructuring, ST Kelon will be in

Sell Income of more than 14 billion yuan of domestic listed companies in the fourth large white power.

With Hisense Kelon asset integration is different, Midea additional A shares by way of raising funds. August 11 Midea announcement that its additional shares 189,106,922 shares, raising the total to 2.978 billion yuan of funds. According to the plan, additional funds raised will be used to further strengthen the company’s white business expansion. Midea raise additional investment in this project a total of 11 were: the acquisition of Hefei Rongshida refrigerators 3 25% stake in each company, launched a joint venture with Toshiba Carrier refrigerator compressor project

Refrigerator Technological transformation expansion project, washing machine Industrial Park II project, central air conditioning technical transformation expansion project,

Vietnam New home air base, home air base in Wuhan, expansion, Shunde household air base expansion, the establishment of

IT Data Center, Academia Sinica, and additional working capital and other construction.
Qingdao Haier white curtain assets are integrated medium-term inklings of this year. Qingdao Haier May 31 announcement that the company is working with

Germany and Italy Chi transferee bank Deutsche Bank held Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (Haier Electronics, HK1169) 92677482 shares (approximately the total number of issued shares of Haier’s 20.1%) plan to discuss with the parties, has yet to sign any intention of the agreement. Subsequently in June of this year, very few shares in the secondary market holdings Haier Haier Group and two venture capital holdings in the month of Qingdao Haier’s shares, and said that in the coming year will continue to be overweight.

America’s acquisition of Rongshida, Hualing and Little Swan to form the “United States, the white line,” Hisense Kelon acquisition, sound volume, combined with own Hisense brand, has formed a “Department of Hisense Kelon “, together with white Haier appliances and air conditioning made Gree focus, the four giant white power industry structure has been formed. Haier, Midea, Hisense three enterprise capital operation, the industry once again accelerated the pace of the times into the strong Always the Winner.

Into the era of strong Always the Winner
Present, white industry has begun the transition from price competition to brand competition and technological competition, but competition in industrial scale is still a hot industry.

Midea for the issuance of A shares is given “to meet the industry speed the restoration and development of the company, increase the company’s technology and capacity to enhance the” interpretation. Orient Securities analyst Chen Gang, to judge from a different angle: the US’s electrical current is mainly to add additional liquidity and the company will focus its industrial refrigerators and washing machines to extend the current United States in the field of ice the size of washing behind the Haier and Hisense Kelon , at the high end is basically not involved, the level of profits is much lower Bi Haier etc..

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Zhu Jianping: Led Industry Consolidation Of Enterprises Should Be Considered Appropriate

Condenser Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, specializing in high-power LED lighting package, and application development, production and marketing. Starting from the early days of the company, always adhere to the “scientific and technological innovation, promote enterprise development” concept, the constant pursuit of technological leadership and perfect product quality, forming a high-power LED packages, civil commercial type lighting, lamps and a series of engineering Product innovation. I recently had the honor to interview the condenser Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Jianping.

LED industry consolidation of enterprises should be

Through the integration of upstream and downstream industries, the enterprise can indeed bring more competitive products, but the integration of enterprises should be. Especially the integration of LED chips, and his R & D, capital investment, etc., on an enterprise has a great risk. In contrast, packaging and application integration easier to achieve, the formation of the competitiveness of products.

Said Zhu Jianping, concentrating the product system, said: “condenser surface will be white LED light source package as the center, to establish their own system of LED application lighting products, created the famous brand concentrating.”

LED lighting gradually stable quality, performance gradually improved, costs decreased gradually applied more widely

This stage, LED lighting cost is higher than traditional lighting because LED lighting is a new product, which is normal and reasonable. As LED technology continues to mature and expand production scale, LED lighting will continue to decline in the price. According to Haitz Law, LED every 10 annual optical output (in lumens calculation) can grow to 20 times, but at the same time, costs have to fall 90%. Therefore, Zhu Jianping believe LED scale production, materials, and further made, and its high cost of LED lighting in the future will not be a major factor in popularity. Concentrating on the LED lighting applications is expected, can be summarized in one sentence: the quality of stability, performance gradually improved, costs decreased gradually applied more widely.

Heat and drive power problems have been resolved two major life

Commonly referred to long life LED application products, provided that applications with good thermal performance, drive power and long life circumstances, be possible to achieve long life. So technically our company, we have completely solved these problems for long-life LED application lamps lay a solid foundation; in production technology and processes, the company strictly according to ISO9000 quality management system for production, the company also have hot and cold shock boxes, boxes and a series of constant temperature and humidity testing equipment to ensure high product quality.

Zhu Jianping, said the source package in addition to concentrating on their own R & D center, also designed by the Joint European power LED drive power, the performance index has reached the international advanced, new thermal materials and cooling systems to achieve a real sense the product of high efficiency and long life.

Develop effective management systems and incentive systems

In condenser technology, real people so far have not been undercut others succeeded. Because the condenser is not only a good salary for the personnel providing the treatment, comfortable office space, star of the living environment, more talent, a broad platform for the development and growth. Has established a fruitful research and development management system and incentive system, as long as you have the ability, the level of condensation is their best performance stage.


Zhu Jianping, founded in 2006, concentrating in Zhejiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and served as chairman of the board, then within two years after another in Kunshan, Shanghai, condenser Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and also served in various business economies Association .

Condenser Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, is a joint venture high-tech enterprise, specializing in high-power LED lighting package, and application development, production and marketing.

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