The climate of New York is considered a representative of the humid continental type which is prevalent in north eastern parts of the United States. The geographical location of New York provides for its general climatic conditions. The two main air masses that provide the characteristics of continental climate are the masses of cold, dry air coming in from the northern interior of the continent, and from the south and south-west the prevailing winds bring in the warm, humid air. There is a third air mass that flows inland from the North Atlantic Ocean and it is responsible for the cool, cloudy and damp weather conditions. New York has four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The average annual temperature is 12.7° Celsius (54.91° Fahrenheit). The average precipitation is plentiful being 42.6 inches of total precipitation and snowfall being 26.5 inches.

Winter which prevails between December and February is typically cold in New York with temperatures ranging from -12.2 to -6.7° Celsius (10-20° Fahrenheit) during the peak of winter. While the winters occasionally bring with them snowstorms, with over a feet of snow, they are also sometimes mild and virtually without snow. Despite its extreme winter, New York offers a chance to engage in recreational activities like skiing and ice skating which many New York hotels include in their package deals.

March to April is mild, although it remains cool through the month of March with temperatures at 10-15°Celsius (about 50° Fahrenheit). While the weather can be unpredictable around this time, weather in April is usually 21-22°Celsius (about 70° Fahrenheit) and usually leads to thunderstorms.

Spring which is between May to June brings the onset of the warmer months with less humidity. Occasionally, heat-waves may occur. However, this is considered one of the good times to travel to New York, since the weather has not yet reached the characteristic humidity of the summer and although hotel rates do go up as the weather improves, it is still off-season and cheap hotel accommodation is available.

Summer is between the months of July to August. Summer in New York is hot and humid, exceeding 32° Celsius (90° Fahrenheit). Humidity levels at this time are also high and thunderstorms are also common. However, it is the season where maximum activities and events take place.

Autumn season prevailing between September to November is another ideal time to visit New York as the. Temperatures are mild ranging between 15 – 26° Celsius (80 – 60° Fahrenheit) from the beginning of September to mid-November. Autumn marks the peak tourist season in the city up until the New Year as the temperature is ideal and pre-booking at any of the plenty New York City hotels can be done online or via a travel agent.

It is this varying nature of New York’s climatic condition that plays an important role in its development of recreational and tourist activities, making it a popular tourist destination all year round.






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Tours New York

Tours of New York provide visitors with a great way to see what is one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in the world. There are many different sights, attractions, and places to visit and trying to fit them into a single visit will be impossible but with tours New York you can plan those that you want to see the most and then include them as part of your holiday or trip to the city.

The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world from the day construction was complete in 1931 until 1972. It remains one of the most iconic sights in the city and no trip would be complete without a visit. There are a number of attractions in the building itself, too, including the NY Skyride on the 2nd floor. This is a virtual aerial simulator that gives a top down tour of the city.

The Statue Of Liberty
When talking about iconic spots to visit during Tours of New York, the Statue of Liberty certainly makes the list. Situated on Long Island, the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the USA from France to celebrate the peace and joint efforts of the two countries. The Statue of Liberty has come to be recognised as a symbol of peace and hope and is highly revered by Americans and people from the rest of the world.

Central Park

Central Park is a remarkable site. 843 acres of natural beauty situated in the heart of one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, it is a place of respite and relaxation for many of the people of New York that are looking to get away from their often hectic daily lives.

Tours, New York

There are hundreds of places to visit during tours of New York. There are dozens of museums, galleries, and other attractions as well as authentic places to eat, drink, and enjoy your stay in the city. There are also various sights and attractions that have been used as the setting of major films and US television series that fans love to visit. Whatever you want to enjoy during your holiday, you can enjoy it with Tours of New York.

Tours New York offers helpful and informative information on the various sights and attractions that New York has to offer. Visit Tours-NewYork.com to plan your next visit to this incredible city.

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Crime In New York

No country or city is free of criminal, thus crime is present everywhere, the only difference is the extent of the crime rates. Same is the case with New York City too. Crime prevails here too however, the number of violent crimes over the last fifteen years has decreased. The proof for this is the crime rate graphs drawn for different years. The graphs show that, the number of murders that took place in the city in 2007 was way less than the one that took place in previous history of the city. During 1980s and the early 1990s the crime rate was sky high due to crack epidemic, a large number of gangs and illegal firearms which nearly everyone had. The crime rate after early 1990 dropped quickly, even though after this the crime rate increased in the following history, however, it never went to that peak again. The reasons assumed for decrease in crime rate are the end of crack epidemic and various demographic changes that took place.

The biggest gangs like forty thieves and the Roach Guard began in 1820s. However, to tell the people about these crimes and the corruption of old law enforcers the New York Herald was started by, James Gordon. The murder of Helen and Mary in 1836 and 1841 was given vast coverage by the newspaper, uncovering the corruption and the crime. Thus a new police force was started in 1844 to deal with the situation. Riots broke out in the city in 1863, 1870, and 1874, but they were all suppressed by the new police force.

Before 1980s there were many mobsters in the early 20th century, however, the mafia was the most feared criminal organization. In 1980s the crack epidemic hit the city, thus the violent crime rate rose immensely. After 1990 to 1993 the crime rate started to drop as the epidemic came to its end. Since then till 2002 the crime rate decelerated rapidly many believe that it was because of the large number of police officers that were given charge and the capture of the major gangs by the police.

In 2005 the city achieved the lowest crime rate since the 19th century and in 2006 a new law related to guns was passed by the legislature, which was to control the amount of people who were entitled or allowed to possess a gun. Along with that, the new laws established a gun offender registry, which required city gun dealers to inspect their inventories and file reports to the police twice a year. In 2007 a plan for extensive roadblocks and installation of web of camera were laid to keep a tab on the terrorist and the criminals in the city. In 2007 the number of homicides was just 494 but in 2008 the number of homicides increased to 523. In 2009 there was a decrease again to only 466 homicides. The lowest crime rate in the history of New York, however in 2010 there has been rise in the number of crimes again.

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